Jump-Start Your Job Search with These 5 Activities

Jessica H. Hernandez
8 min readMar 1, 2022

Welcome to The 2022 Year of Your Career Series. This is the third article in the series.

Perhaps you’re one of the many workers whose New Year’s resolution is to finally land your dream job. If you’re truly motivated to land a new role, the conditions have never been better. There are millions of job listings, wages are rising, and there’s a definite talent shortage. In fact, we are seeing the lowest ratio of unemployed people to job openings we’ve ever seen. If you’re ready to jump-start your 2022 job search, I recommend these five strategies to hit the ground running; engage daily on LinkedIn, follow your target companies, touch base with your network, try Meetup, and create job alerts.

Engage Daily on LinkedIn

The real magic of LinkedIn is participating in the conversations that are happening all across the platform. It’s so easy to find conversations you care about, too.

You can check the LinkedIn news articles in the upper right-hand corner of your homepage. See if there are any timely news stories that affect your industry that you can comment on. You may also find a topic you’re passionate about and want to chime in on.

It’s also simple to run a search for industry news in the search box. Type in your industry or the topic you want to read about, then filter the results by posts. You’ll see the different conversations happening across the platform and you can chime in with comments.

I recommend adding thoughtful insights, tips, experiences, or recommendations. You want to add value to the conversation. By commenting, you’ll increase your visibility and start receiving connection requests. Recruiters will see your comments and may reach out about opportunities. Someone may refer you to a hiring manager looking to fill a role.

Don’t forget to post regularly, too. You can share industry news with your take on the article, share a tip or piece of advice, or share a story of a challenge and how you tackled it. Make sure to reply to any comments your post receives. This helps to increase your post’s…

Jessica H. Hernandez

A nationally recognized and award-winning executive resume writer, Jessica H. Hernandez is President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast. https://www.greatresumesfast.com

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