Boost Your Job Search Results by Implementing These 5 Strategies

Jessica H. Hernandez
15 min readMar 1, 2022

Welcome to The 2022 Year of Your Career Series. This is the fourth article in the series.

Did you know there are currently more openings per job seeker than there have been at any other time since the government started keeping track in 2000? Not only that, but job seeker confidence has hit a new high, too. Four-day workweeks are even getting more attention as employers are switching from a five-day to a four-day workweek to lure in new workers. All this to say, it’s a great time to make a career change if you were planning to go after your dream job in 2022 or get away from a toxic work culture.

In the previous three articles, I discussed questions to ask yourself and plans to put into place before you start your job search, along with five ways to jump-start your job search. In today’s article, I’m sharing five additional job search strategies you can implement into your job search routine to boost your results. You don’t just want to find a job, you want the right role, at the right company, for the right salary. These five strategies will help get you there.

Arrange Informational Meetings

Informational interviews are an important part of your job search. One benefit to informational interviews is that they help you find out more about the company, industry, and role that you’re interested in. You may think you already know enough, but they can give you insider insight you may not otherwise get. Secondly, they increase your exposure and visibility — especially within the hidden job market. An informational interview can lead straight to a job referral for a position that’s not public knowledge yet. Informational interviews also help keep your confidence up, especially if you’re unemployed. You’re able to dress professionally and meet in an office or professional work environment, and they can lead to encouraging conversations and new connections.

Prepare and practice

Just as you would prep for a job interview, you don’t want to walk into an informational interview unprepared…

Jessica H. Hernandez

A nationally recognized and award-winning executive resume writer, Jessica H. Hernandez is President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast.

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